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 As I mentioned before, we have 4 kids. All are homeschooled. We have a 5th grader, a 2nd grader, a kindergartner and a preschooler.

Our 5th grader, our oldest daughter, is our perfectionist. She is an exceptional artist, a math whiz, but a struggling reader. There have been so many tears shed about her work not being perfect. She won’t except anything other than a 100 for her work. Mistakes are her worst enemy. It has taken us years to work through this. Wrong answers are not bad. Wrong answers mean we need to learn more about this subject. Wrong answers show us where we need to focus. Mistakes help us learn and grow. She is an amazing artist. Her room is covered with all her art work (and I will be sharing some of those in future posts!) She has always picked up math easily. She knows concepts far beyond what most 5th graders know. Her reading, though, is our struggle. She still struggles with phonics. She is needs so much support and help. We are reading on a third grade level now, but her writing is not there yet. With limited phonics skills, spelling is such a struggle as well. We have started over in a new curriculum, with the hopes, of now that she is older, she will grasp those phonic skills a little better.

Our 2nd grader, our oldest boy, is our procrastinator. He will want until the last possible minute to get anything done. I think he is hoping I just forget to do any kind of work with him. He is an exceptional reader, excels in math, and is overall just a really fast learner. He is our Lego robot builder and video game lover. He has always done things quickly and hit milestones earlier than the others. He walked at 10 months, spoke full sentences at 18 months, taught himself to read, spell and type. He is very motivated when it is something he wants to do, but pushes back and becomes stubborn when it is something he does not like.

Our Kindergartner, our fun loving, silly youngest son, is never motivated to do his work on his own, but once he starts, he gets so into whatever he is doing. He does it with passion. He is learning to read like a champ, and working on learning to add and subtract. He loves making videos on our old cell phone and playing video games with his brother. He also has a new found fascination with the calculator and will spend hours just exploring the numbers and functions it can do. He is my snuggler.

Our youngest daughter, my preschooler, our energetic, passionate little girl, is just starting to get into a school routine. We only work when she wants to, as I don’t typically start formal lessons until 4. She loves drawing, writing the letter X, playing with her dolls, dot painting, and just being outside.

Our children have all loved being homeschooled. My oldest said she loves it and never wants to go to school. My oldest boy says the same. He says school would be too much work. My younger two have not expressed any desires one way or the other.


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