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Boom Cards: New Technology for the Digital Classroom

In the classroom, digital learning has become a huge part of everyday learning. Even when students are in the classroom they have access to more technology then we could have ever dreamed of when we were in school. I remember in 4th grade, I went to a brand new school that had a computer lab, and that was a huge deal. We loved our one day a week where we could go and play games like Oregon Trail and Dino Park Tycoon. Technology has come such a long way since the 80s and now many classrooms are one to one with I-pads or other kinds of tablets. Students have access to all sorts of learning tools.

One such tool, are Boom Cards. Boom Cards are digital task cards that students can use to complete various activities across all subject areas or grade levels.

There are so many types of activities that can be done with Boom Cards:

  • Drag and Drop
  • Reveal the Hidden Picture
  • Fill in the Blank
  • Multiple Choice
  • Escape Rooms
  • and so much more!

Boom Cards are also great for homeschooling. I've used these cards to help review material we have learned that my children have had difficulty with in a way that didn't involve a workbook or extra worksheets. They have all loved when I pull out the computer and say, "let's play a game!"

There are more than one reason to get Boom Cards for you students, other than being fun and engaging, they:

  1. Are easy to use! You simply have to have an internet connection and the app if you are on a tablet or a computer to access. Students can gain access to cards with fast pins (one time click and play) or through an account log in.
  2. Save paper! No paper is needed to complete these task cards. Students record their answers directly on the card, whether it's answering a multiple choice answer or fill in the blank.
  3. Are self checking! Students receive instant feedback for the answers they mark. When a student picks an incorrect answer, they cannot move forward. They must try again for the correct answer. A correct answer plays a positive ding sound and then the student can proceed.
  4. Provide data for the teacher! With a paid account, teachers can access student data on how well they performed on each card in a deck. They can see what answer was chosen first if the card was attempted more than once, and how many total cards were completed correctly.
  5. Can be differentiated and customized! With a free account, you can create 5 decks of your own to use with your classroom. With a paid account, there is no limit to the number of decks you can create. Even purchased decks can be customized in your library settings to hide unwanted cards or to make a deck's cards randomize or not.
  6. Can accommodate nonreaders and those who need more support! Boom Cards offer audio so many decks are equipped with audio directions that students can listen too. Some decks also offer optional audio for pronouncing words or reading passages for students who need more help.
  7. Can be used with Google Classrooms! Teachers can link their Google Classroom for a fast and easy way to import all student data and create log in information for each student. Decks can also be assigned using Google Classroom.

Boom Cards have so much to offer to any classroom or home. The fun, engaging task cards allow students to have success with many types of concepts and subjects, while also receiving the support they need to learn their best.

You can try Boom Cards today for free!

(To use you will need to play using a fast play link)

This image shows a sample card from the addition and subtraction word problem Boom Card deck.


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