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St. Patrick's Day Alphabet and Number Seek and Find Mats with Clovers

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This St. Patrick's Day letter and number seek and find activity makes a great hands on literacy or math center for the preschool or kindergarten classroom. Students will have fun tracing letters and finding numbers with these clover themed letter recognition and number recognition matching mats. Each letter and number mat is available in color and in black and white.

What Is Included

  • 1 Capital Letter Mat
  • 1 Lowercase Letter Mat
  • 1 Capital and Lowercase Letter Mat
  • 1 Number 0-5 Mat
  • 1 Number 0-10 Mat
  • 1 Number 0-20 Mat
  • Capital and Lowercase Letter Cards
  • Number Cards 0-20

Types of Activities

  • Create a hands on literacy or math center by placing the mats and cards in a center.
  • Create a write and wipe activity by laminating the mats or placing them in page protectors and providing a dry erase marker.
  • Create a sensory bin by adding the letter or number cards inside a sensory bin for students to find.
  • Write the Room activity where the teacher hides the cards around the room and students find them to write or trace on their mats.
  • Find and Cover activity where students draw a card then use various magnets, mini erasers, or bingo chips to cover the correct letter or number.
  • Find and Dot activity where students draw a card then use a bingo marker to dot the correct letter or number.

By having a variety of ways to complete, students will stay engaged as they look for and find each letter or number on the letter mats.

Skills Assessed with these learning mats:

  • Letter Recognition with capital and lowercase letters
  • Number Recognition from 0-20
  • Handwriting Practice for letters and numbers

The mats to this activity are no prep. You simply print and hand out or place in the desired center. The mats can be laminated or placed in page protectors for a reusable activity. The cards are low prep, as they just need to be printed and cut apart. The cards can also be laminated for durability.

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St. Patrick's Day Alphabet and Number Seek and Find Mats with Clovers

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