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There are many themes that are taught in the preschool, kindergarten, and 1st grade classrooms. Find a great list of themes and activities that go with them!

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Our Reading Curriculum
 Our Reading CurriculumThis year, we began a new reading and language arts curriculum. I felt we needed more structure in this area, especially with my struggling reader. I opted for The Good and the Beautiful (TGTB) for all my kids. I loved the...
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Image of a computer that says "Boom Cards."
Boom Cards: New Technology for the Digital Classroom
In the classroom, digital learning has become a huge part of everyday learning. Even when students are in the classroom they have access to more technology then we could have ever dreamed of when we were in school. I remember in 4th grade, I went t...
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Our Spelling Curriculum
 I spent the first 6 years of homeschooling preparing most of our curriculum myself from a mixture of things I created or things I found for free. That worked really well for us for the most part until my daughter began to struggle. I tried many...
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Meet Us
 As I mentioned before, we have 4 kids. All are homeschooled. We have a 5th grader, a 2nd grader, a kindergartner and a preschooler.Our 5th grader, our oldest daughter, is our perfectionist. She is an exceptional artist, a math whiz, but a strug...
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Image for the blog post about why we chose to homeschool.
Why Do We Homeschool?
As was said in my previous post, I began homeschooling my daughter when she turned 3. We did preschool at home 2 or 3 days a week, as she showed interest. I enjoyed teaching her, and she enjoyed her school time, so we decided to just keep going as lo...
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Learn about The Connett Connection and how we got started.
What is The Connett Connection?
 Hello! My name is Jennifer and I am the founder of The Connett Connection.I began teaching in 2006, right after graduating college and getting married. I was taught at my local elementary school as the sole Pre-K teacher for 20 students. I had ...
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The Connett Connection

I am a former Pre-K teacher, now homeschooling momma of 4. I love to share the resources I have made that have helped my kids succeed and have fun with school!